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Temat: forumW.org / ForumW.ca

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    forumW.org / ForumW.ca

    Good Evening,

    It has been a month since our return and we are glad to announce that the site is climbing and getting back its high rank. All the staff Admins/Elites/Mods lead by 3ch0 are here at your service as well as most of our teams and their members.
    Fully functional uploader team posting the latest releases from all categories at your service.
    Fully functional request team ready to solve all your requests.
    Our Development team is working days and nights coming up with innovative new ideas and cutting edge addons for ForumW.

    In addition all your favorite posters and uploaders are already uploading and posting the latest releases.

    Also Many changes have been made for the benefit of our loyal members:
    - A new server with amazing fast speeds.
    - Amazing and functional search engine.
    - And many new features and surprises are coming ....

    And as we mentioned previously rest assured your posts, your account, and your rank has been preserved.

    We are desperate for your return -- without you ForumW is not ForumW. Happy Holidays from the ForumW Family to your family. We wish to see you on ForumW.ca.

    WARNING: Our old domain forumw.org has been taken over by hackers. Visit Them At Your Own Risk.
    W tej chwili oba fora działają. Niby forumW.org zostało "over by hackers", ale czy ta wiadomość jest prawdziwa dotycząca ForumW.ca.
    Wszelkie sprawy, które wymagają podjęcia decyzji na szczeblu ADMINISTRACYJNYM, proszę kierować do Administratorów D3FiX i rozpusta. Proszę nie pisać żadnych uwag oraz skarg do Rumcajsa oraz byłych Moderatorów.

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    Dear all,

    Many users are confused as to what really happened with Forumw, and why we changed domain to ForumW.ca.

    You may or may not have been aware that the actual owners of the forum never had anything to do with the running of the site, they just sat back and took what ever money was made from it whilst the staff team done all the work maintaining and assuring it all ran smoothly.

    After a series of clashes between Admins and Owners, the Owners decided to remove the Admin team and force many of the other staff members to leave the board.

    A group of shocked former staff members of fw.org got their heads together and managed to bring fw.ca online, a complete replica forum of the ForumW you all know and love.

    So we welcome you to the new best warez site in the world. ForumW.ca.

    Please make your selves at home, and spread the word.

    ForumW.ca is online!

    ForumW.ca Admin Team
    I wszystko jasne

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