Tutaj znajdziesz odpowiedzi na najczęściej zadawane pytania oraz objaśnienie o działaniu forum. Użyj poniższych linków lub poniższej wyszukiwarki, aby znaleźć właśnie to, co Cię interesuje. rules and section's principles

  • Rules:
    • Our beloved rules are exactly here
    • Breaking forum's rules will cause punishment . You can receive - instruction, warn, temp-bans and perm-bans. For our favorites IP bans.
  • Section's principles:
    • Most sections have their principles, which help us keep order. This principles are placed in table above list of topics/subforums.
    • These principles are not exceptions. You MUST respect them.


One of the basic parts of our forum. Although there are some "special" posts which can't exist on this forum. That is why we created Rules and for breaking them you can receive warning.

Before you write something, think where to write! If you know what you want to write, use search function first, then write if nothing was there!

You are TM User now, that is why you have to know some basics.
  1. Familiarity Rules is your duty.
  2. Use search, before creating topic!
  3. Remember about section's principles during posting. We haven't created them for fun, but for order!
  4. Remember, when you create topics, give them a proper name, so everyone else can easily find out about what this is. If you have a problem, try explain it properly. Keep all punctuation principles. Don't make unfinished statement and don't write them half with capital letter and other half with small ones!
  5. Not only in creating topics, but also in regular post try to keep all punctuation principles. Don't write whole text with capital letter and without space and commas.
  6. Text editors hasn't been created for fun, that is why don't play with colors, sizes and smilies. Please use them with measure. It is better when your post doesn't look like Christmas Tree

Users Groups

It is way for administrators to put users in groups. Everyone can join many groups and every group can have their own access law. Thanks to that administrators can easily set many user as moderators or give them access to private forums etc.

Not all of them are open for everybody, some of them can be private and even have hidden membership. If groups is open you can ask for membership by clicking proper button in groups (in your profile, if they exist). Your request have to be approved by group moderator, he can even ask for motivation of your decision. There are groups which requires fulfill special application form and also groups which have some other special requirements. Please don't harass moderators of administrators in case of your application was rejected.

Check who has personal and special ranks (VIP, Tracker Staff, P2M Staff): here

You want join some of them? Check first all terms and information below!

TM Elite Group
Group of Elite TM Members

I What TM Elite Group can offer? ?
  • possibility of getting invites, which were earlier impossible to obtain for you,
  • possibility of save sharing your invites,
  • possibility of sharing accounts,
  • possibility of joining elite TM community,
  • possibility to know interesting and trusted people,
  • chat with serious people who know what is P2P,
  • discuss new ideas about,


It is for honest, responsible and active users, who like sharing invites with other members.

  1. List of members is hidden from regular users. Only people who are in, know rest of the members and can't share any information elsewhere from this section. Everything is classified.
  2. Elite members can share their invites in normal invites section and in closed section which is mainly for higher levels.
  3. Not everyone can join this group. After application b]from[/b] you or some elite for you, staff will check particular user not only on forum.
  4. Everyone else in elite can share their opinion about user under examination
  5. If you are an invite or account trader/seller this group isn't for You!
  6. To cheaters we say... ban.
  7. Lying in your application will be convicted.
  8. If your application has been denied, another can be made 4 months after final answer (you will be informed about exact date).
  9. Invites and accounts you obtain there can not be traded on TM or any other forum. We recommend to give for free at the same requirements you got it.
  10. Cheating in group or even try will be convicted.
  11. Joining this group obligate your to share your opinions in discussions.
  12. Share your invites there.
  13. In case your application has been denied, staff TM don't have to explain their decision.
  14. When we consider your application, we check not only sharing invites on forum, but also your behavior against TM and other users.
  15. Application section won't remain permanently open. From different reason it is temporarily closed.
  16. After sending your application, you can see it in section Zgłoszenia do TM Elite Group (application are invisible for the rest users),
  17. WTAW (levels): LiNK

  1. Application Stage - give us your application,
  2. Checking Stage - staff TM checks if particular person is "clean" on TM,
  3. Consideration Stage - last one, when other members and staff decide whether they want this user or not.


Questions with * are obligatory!
  1. Minimum amount of posts: 200
  2. Your account on TM has to be older than: 6 months
  3. For TM staff - put in your application:
    1. 1 direct link to account + screenshot from level 5-10 - account older than 24 weeks, rank higher than User
    2. 2 direct links to two accounts + screenshots from level 3-10 - account older than 24 weeks, ranks higher than User
    3. 2 direct links to two accounts + screen shots from Polish Trackers - account older than 12 weeks, ranks higher than User [ONLY: DS, DT, ET, FP, HT, Miacho, PB, PL, PS, PT, RMVB, RST, TG, TL, TT, ZT]
    4. Speedtest with IP - (screen)
    5. Speedtest, but direct link to
  4. You have full possibility to applicate if you haven't been trading for last 6 months (trying included)
  5. Add TM ID in your profiles on mentioned trackers. After putting this picture as avatar or signature, take screen shot and remove this ID! Obligatory attach screen shot of every tracker as it was mentioned in point 3. Direct link to ID:
You have to fulfill every term in your application! Users who don't do that, won't be consider in this procedure

Positive consideration is the worst stage. If you have read all information above, you certainly understand what is our priority, what person can be in this group. Many applied and many didn't make it, however they can do that later in specified date by sending their application again. Don't get upset, group needs fresh blood, everyone has a chance!

Tracker Staff Tracker Staff - group of staffers from private polish and foreign trackers.
Every member of this group get characteristic rank and other privileges. Only PRIVATE trackers can get this rank.

REQUIREMENTS [for general sites]
  • site has to be older than 1 year
  • site has to have at least 1200 torrents (alive!)
  • every member who apply for this rank need account one month old on his site
  • at least one post on TM in section where posts counting aren't disabled

REQUIREMENTS [for specific sites]
  • site has to be older than 1 year
  • site has to have at least 500 torrents (alive!)

  1. User gets special rank: Tracker Staff - distinguish on TM (more staffers, bigger advertisement).
  2. User can choose signature under nick with address of his site or with shortening - one for whole staff.
  3. Access to special section Tracker Staff and also to common section for Tracker Staff and P2M Staff.
  4. Staffer can get this rank for other staffers without any proofs.
  5. Staffer can report to us user who sell invites or cheat on his account. Then this user can be banned on this forum.
  6. Staffer can create special topic in section Zaproszenia Torrent where he will share invites on his own site. It will made as sticked after earlier noticed. Topics are cleaned from unnecessary posts. If staffer doesn't share invites for long term topic will be unsticked.
  7. Forum has its own IRC channel where are many staffers. Server: Channel: #tm (tracker staff +v on irc).
  8. Possibility of joining some projects.
  9. Other privileges, which are known after joining this group.
Possibility of losing you rank. Read!
We would like to see this group rather active. Hence we will check 2-3 times per year and all inactive users who has that rank will lose it. Period of inactivity is 3 months. If you lose it, you can apply again.


TM Release Group TM Release Group TM Release Group [TMRG] - all important information about joining this group.

It is group of users who work in special section: Release [RTM]. RTM it project which provide information about the leatest releases such as: movies, TV shows, games. It contain both: scene and non-scene releases.

Our requirements::
  1. minimum 30 post on TM!
  2. account older than 1 month on TM!
  3. free time to spare few minutes on creating topics,
  4. desire to participate in this new project,
  5. activity,
  6. commitment and cooperation,
  7. Ability of using IRC and BBCODE is most welcome.
Application Form >> Here <<

Most important is free time. Can you make it? Fill application and patiently wait for answer! You will get it very quick. It is not staff recruitment. We want users who will work in RTM with us.
Speed of creating topic matters the most. Hanging on #PRE channels can help you to achive that. You don't have to be there 24/7. We will work together to complete each other.

Important information about TM Release Group: TM Release Group do NOT share any files. Topics are created by TMRG only to inform that parcicular material are available. No one upload here any files! You won't finde here any hidden links.

With your membership in TMRG connected are some privileges (On IRC and forum) such as: custom title, special ranks, half op on main channel, bigger messages box.

You have time and desire? Apply.

V.I.P Group V.I.P Group (rank) - all information, which can help you get to this group.

We require that user show on forum that he deserve to join this group and to get this special rank!

You can be promoted by following this terms:
  1. Be active,
  2. Help other members,
  3. Behave politely,
  4. Don't have currently (!) warnings on account,
  5. Help Moderators:
    • report posts,
    • report users,
    • give us some fresh ideas.
  6. Share often your invites,
  7. Do something significant, which makes our forum better, because this is what matters the most.

V.I.P ranks are given by Administrator - if Moderators notice you, they will for sure send all information about you and Administrator will consider your application.

V.I.P rank give extra privileges, but in any way don't make you better than other users nor staff!

If you have this rank already and you will often break our rules it can be taken from you]

MODERATORS Moderators Group - all information, which can help you get to this group..

There is no information ;)
Don't ask us, we will ask you or we will announced recruitment. Stay tuned.
Moderator's tasks
Moderator come under administration and should take care of honor of the staff and whole forum. It is admissible that moderator will act on forum harm! Moderator should be impartial.

Main task is keep order on forum in every section by judging quality of users' posts. Moderator can delete, edit, move users' topic and posts.

Moderator has to also
  • prevent trolling
  • take care of following section's principles. Mainly netiquette and rules of languages.
Moderators also MUST follow forum's rules.

ADMINISTRATION Administration take care of management
Administrators are responsible for functionality of TM, eliminate mistakes. Oversee moderators work, have full access to delete, edit and bans users - change information in profiles. They can just do anything.



- granted automatically from 0 posts.
- granted automatically from 100 posts.
- granted automatically from 200 posts.
- granted automatically from 300 posts.
- granted automatically from 600 posts.
- granted automatically from 800 posts.
- granted automatically from 1100 posts.
- granted automatically from 2000 posts.
- granted automatically from 3000 posts.
- granted automatically from 4000 posts.

- Information about this rank in post #4
- Ranks for members of TM Release Group. To gain it you have to fulfil specified requirements.
- Information about this rank in post #4
- Easy to obtain, just don't care about our rules and principles.


Punishments - Warnings & Bans

  1. Every warnings and instructions has its own validity.
  2. Moderator can give perm ban on user account for breaking rules.
  3. Bans could be also temporary.
  4. Warnings - points which are counted by script. After proper level relatively of your Users Group, you will get banned.
  5. Instruction - It is form of calling your attention, it doesn't count in automatic bans points. It is form of information.
  6. Automatic BANS for Users Groups:
    • User - 6 points from warnings
    • Tracker Staff - 7 points from warnings
    • V.I.P - 8 points from warnings
  7. Special Punishments - after specified point from warnings, it cause automatic block of almost every function on forum (including posting) Points amount required is relative of your Users Group:
    • User - 5 points from warnings
    • Tracker Staff - 6 points from warnings
    • V.I.P - 7 points from warnings

Warnings are given permanently of temporarily. It is staffer decision
Warnings are given only in case of violating our rules.
Staffers decision about warnings are unquestionable.


  • By Private Message: more...
  • By IRC Channel: more...
  • By CONTACT panel (this panel can contact you with administration and it is mainly for guests): more...
Don't always expect instantaneously answer. TorrentMania requires lot of work, so be patient.

! Important information, read them before you decide message staff
  1. You want invite from us? Don't. If we share something, it goes only in public.
  2. We won't be middleman in trades! We DO NOT tolerate trades and they are FORBIDDEN on TM.
  3. We don't tolerate traders, sellers and cheaters. Report them! Not by PM, but here.
  4. If you received warning and you disagree, make sure you will write to staff member who gave that warning!
  5. If your account has been disabled, there won't be another chance. We had good reason which is visible to you.
  6. We don't reduce warnings. No matter if you are VIP, seedboxes seller or God's best friend.
  7. If you have problem with tracker account report it here - not to us.
  8. In case of wrong working yours Bit Torrent clients post it in forum, not to us. Forum is your encyclopedia.
  9. We don't share cellphone, GG, Yahoo, Skype, email or IP of any member.
  10. Not familiarity with these rules = Warning.
  11. In case of renaming your account, use proper application form.
  12. In case of deleting your account PM administrator with a reason.

Account settings

For many months we have enabled pass validity system. Every Users Group have specified amount of days when their pass is valid.
In case you pass has expired you won't be able to use most of features on TM including browsing forum.

If your pass has expired, you will see this announcement:

Your password is XX days old, and has therefore expired.

Please change your password using this page. (Click!).

If you see this message, go to your control panel by clicking "this page. (Click!)" and change your pass. You can not change it without your old pass

  1. Go to this panel:
  2. Enter your email, your account is registered on .
  3. Check you mail, you can find there proper link to click on.
  4. Your pass will be reset. With another mail you will get your login and pass.
  5. After log in, set your new pass in this panel:
  6. If everything went well, you have just recovered your pass.
    Remember it! Don't show it to anybody. Your account, your responsibility.
Remember! Pass should be long and difficult with letter numbers and special signs. Pass MUST be different than your login.!

Pass Generator
We recommend this on-line generator: check... (help)

IRC Channel

We have opened official TM IRC Channel. It is only for general chat.

All information about this channel are here.
For registered user of our forum we have prepared IRC gate, which is here.

Rules of our forum contain all important information related to principles on our channles. For breaking them you ca

Rules and guide of #zaproszenia channel

Rules and guide of #zaproszenia channel

On you can share your invites not only on our forum, but also on IRC channel. Below, short explanation of the procedure.



  1. The most important thing. At first you should join channel #poczekalnia not #zaproszenia (server:
  2. Guide how to use IRC you can find here (the only difference that you should notice is to replace /join #tm to /join #poczekalnia).
  3. Topics where IRC Give Away is available contain prefix : [ IRC ].
  4. Post in topic where you apply for invite. Give exact info about invite you try to obtain Lack of this information = kick!
  5. On IRC you should use the same nick as yours on TM (however small exception is possibly if your nick from TM has been taken already).
  6. On #poczekalnia please read carefully topic and wait patiently for invite to (#zaproszenia).
  7. Please come prepared! What does it mean? That all screenshots, you want to show us has been made already, and all direct links to your profile* are also ready to show to us. Pleas read this point carefully! It's very important that everything goes smoothly !
  8. When you are on channel #zaproszenia try to focus only on chat with us.
  9. After positive or negative consideration your request please leave channel immediately delay = kick!
  10. I strongly advice to check this option in your client (mIRC) which will automatically invite you to #zaproszenia after proper invite from us. How? Very easily. [b]Tool --> Options --> IRC ---> check Auto-join channel on invite


  1. The most important thing - We help only with invites and accounts from level 3 and above! (WTAW: Check)
  2. Your topic should be marked with prefix [ IRC ], it's available during topic creation
  3. Notify in your topic when other users can expect you on the channel.(obligatorily!)And when you decide about time, please be there. We can't give anything without you. We are only there to help you.
  4. In your topic please add direct link to this guide.
  5. User who share invites will get "@" on our channel which allow you invite to this channel by yourself l/msg chanserv invite #zaproszenia and kick users who don't deserve for invite/kick #nazwakanału <nick> or !k <nick>
  6. If you have any question about sharing your invites on IRC, please send message to moderator Mxyzptlk or @Foley.


*Because some people don't know what is direct link to profile, this is little guide.

1. Click on your nick at site.

2. It will move you to your profile. Just copy link in your browser.

On every site it looks the same


  • We deletes topic which brake our rules
  • We delete posts which break every possible rules (spammers die!),
You MUST comply this rules! We repeated, we repeat and we will repeat this...


You can easily report users who cheat in relation with invites and other stuff. If you have been cheated or lose invites, accounts, receive warning on some tracker, report it! Show us some proof and we will do the rest.
  1. You have to go to: Reporting Users
  2. During topic creation, pick proper prefix and describe your problem and also give necessary proof.
You've become a victim or you have some important cause about particular user, don't hesitate. Write!

We also strongly recommend (links)
  1. Konkursy TM

Szukaj FAQ

Select this option if you would like your search to look in the text of FAQ items as well as their titles.

Select an option here to specify how you would like your search query to be treated. 'Any words' will return the most numerous but possibly least relevant results, while 'Complete phrase' will return only results that contain exactly what you are searching for.

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