Zobacz pełną wersję : Tracker Talk

  1. Overseeding - is it exist?
  2. How many trackers do you have?
  3. What is you most wanted tracker?
  4. Scene or Non-Scene
  5. What is the easiest private tracker to seed?
  6. Which tracker is the hardest to get in?
  7. From which tracker do you download the most?
  8. How long do you seed for?
  9. Do you donate your trackers?
  10. Do you use seedbox on trackers?
  11. Which tracker disappointed you the most?
  12. How long have you been torrenting?
  13. What is your biggest buffer?
  14. Have you ever been banned/disabled from a torrent site?
  15. What's your oldest active tracker account?
  16. How many torrents do you have loaded in your client?
  17. Which client do you use?
  18. From now on, only one tracker...